If I can only wear one kind of jewelry when go out, I choose ear studs only!

  Someone asked me, if you could only choose one kind of jewelry when you went out, what would you choose? My answer is ear studs!

   The reason for choosing ear studs is simple: there’s enough ceremony feeling! The biggest difference between wearing ear studs and not wearing ear studs consists in that it looks more like having carefully chosen dresses and well-dressed to wear ear studs. Although it is normal without wearing ear studs, in some important or special occasions, you will be “ordinary” or even not very conspicuous.

ear studs

TIPS for easily holding ear studs

   Some people ask that if only supermodels or good-looking girls are qualified for the ear studs? It is naturally that there are designers assisting in making pose for the supermodels when they go to the street, so what should ordinary people do? As a matter of fact, this is not a difficult thing. Teach you a few simple Tips that you can easily hold that~

airyai pearl earrings
Airyai Pearl Earring


1. Before you buy one ear studs, you must think carefully whether there is clothes collocating with this ear studs at home? If not, choose a simple one that is fit in everything.

2. Except for the very small type of ear studs, ear threads or long ear studs are almost fit for few kinds of people, especially that the overall shape is crucial.

3. Do make up when you go out. If your hair color is black, you can choose platinum or rose gold. If your hair color is brown or yellow or other color close to bright, you can choose rose gold or gold. The reason emphasizing the color is that everyone’s dressing style and skin color are different. The above two matches are relatively correct.

♥️18K Rose Golden Ear Line

18K Rose Golden Ear Line

♥️18K Rose Golden Ear Line

18K Rose Golden Ear Line

♥️18K Gold Pearl Ear Line

18K Gold Pearl Ear Line

Ear line can be said to be the softest of all ear studs. Whether you are long or short hair, it almost no problem to hold them. Ear line also has many styles, the material is generally 18K gold, and the color is generally rose gold, gold and tricolor gold.

“Love at first sight” long ear studs for parties

Ear studs, like clothes, bags and shoes, are matched in different styles on different occasions. Whatever style you ultimately choose, we recommend you girls to stock up on one of these “love at first sight” long ear studs.

To express it by “love at first sight” is because ear studs play a key role in the overall shaping, especially in some meetings or parties, it is super-eye-catching!

♥️18K Rose Gold Unilateral Long Ear Line

18K Rose Gold Unilateral Long Ear Line

♥️18K Rose Gold Unilateral Circle Ear Studs

18K Rose Gold Unilateral Circle Ear Studs

♥️18K Rose Gold Geometric Modeling Fashion Ear Studs

18K Rose Gold Geometric Modeling Fashion Ear Studs

♥️18K Rose Gold Polished Round Ear Studs

18K Rose Gold Polished Round Ear Studs

These seemingly exaggerated ear studs play a key role in the overall shaping, which will also become the most easily remembered sign of sight.

Ear studs lovers can also try the overlapping method

The so-called overlapping is actually making a number of ear holes. Generally speaking, overlapping will have a certain primary and secondary relationship, it is generally small earrings and small ear studs above the ear bones, which mainly used to set off the main ear studs below; therefore, when collocating, we must pay attention to the overall aesthetic feeling.


The ten Ear Studs of Artistic and Retro show your elegance very much

The ten Ear Studs of Artistic and Retro show your elegance very much

Retro ear studs always show a different temptation. Gorgeous or classic, it will be the most expectant and exciting accessories for girls no matter what seasons it is.

AiryAi Asymmetric Dangle Earrings

1.AiryAi Asymmetric Dangle Earrings 

An asymmetric designed earrings, one is a round disc stud with a pearl stands on big ring, the other is a hoop earring dangled with a spiral spring which has a pearl on the end

Retro wine red ear studs

2.Retro wine red ear studs

A faint trace of deep red seems to have aroused the throbbing in your heart. The deep color seems to make you look more mysterious in this season. The tone of wine red is easy to arouse people’s reverie. The retro wine red ear studs can make you become full of sense of mysteriousness in this midsummer.


3.Antique glazed ear studs

The traditional antique glazed ear studs seems to be inseparable from the girl’s sight at any time. It comes from the classic works of the last century. The light ancient style highlights the exquisite traditional skills. With meticulous figures, mottled lines, retro luxury, there seems a magnificent sense of nobility while wearing the antique glazed ear studs on the ear.


4.Ceramic ear studs

Ceramics, as a special element of ear studs, can always surprise us inadvertently. With square appearance, its corners are especially so smooth. Dark green is a favorite color of retro style. With both charming and mysterious dark green, as if it comes from ancient forests, brings us ancient footsteps.


5.Shell debris ear studs

It is often more noticeable to add the debris elements. Shells from the sea will arouse girls’ yearning for the azure ocean. With the deep blue ocean in front of us, how couldn’t we generate beautiful fantasy in mind? The adding of debris shows a strong atmosphere of Retro Ocean.

Moon and Star ear studs

6.Moon and Star ear studs

The mutual reflection of stars and the moon may be the best feeling on a clear and windy night. The loveliness of stars and the brilliance of the moon shine charming light under the lamp. The mystery of the moon is worth exploring, while the light of stars is also worth pursuing.

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“Earrings Recommend”: If you feel clothes too expensive, then renewal the Earrings a lot

Good species grass camp

I have collected a lot of par and unique earrings. It is necessary to be attractive and charming for girls.

1.Drop Fenta

About $20

Frigidity style is quite suitable for hot summer.

The style fits in well anyone and is in super parity.

Drop Fenta




With a purely silver quality, it is really a good news for those like me who is prone to allergies.

The style is simple and elegant, which is also tactful to office workers.

Drop Fenta


3.Missdiva flagship store

About $40

With a style of unique and no exaggeration, there will be a sense of hierarchy collocated with simple clothes.

4.To Kill a Mockingbird


It looks the beautiful fairy yourself to collocate such a style full of fairy sense with a mini skirt.

To Kill a Mockingbird




A style suitable for students ~ there are many good-looking Choker in the shop, your dearest who likes it can come and have a look.


6.Ancient eel


I love it so much for these exaggerated and simple styles in summer.

To be the coolest fairy in the crowd.

 Ancient eel

7.AiryAi Pearl


Airyai Pearl

8.Salmon Shop


It’s not very par, but it’s perfectly out of question to buy one or two pairs to wear in turn.

Super crazy for its design style, and it will become rather distinctive even to collocate with plain clothes.

Salmon Shop

9.Suan Le Earrings


It’s also a very stylish shop. Most of the styles apply the transparent spheres. It feels like the designer’s idea is so peculiar and queer that he can design such an impish style!

Suan Le Earrings


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