These Earrings Are Good with Clothes

It is common knowledge that earrings are good matching for clothes. However, there is no need to wear complicated ear studs always. Sometime, choosing the simple earrings could bring you a fashion and eye-catching style.

Below are some simple but fashionable earrings for you.

Red Garnet Earrings

Glittering and transparent red garnet earrings with wine-red luster, help to make one’s skin white. Red garnet shows different color and luster under different lights, but they are quite beautiful.

Gold Pyramid Earring Studs

This hollow pyramid inserted with 39 clear and shiny cubic zirconia around the pyramid on three surfaces, keeps you shiny and gorgeous from all the side. And its geometric design shows its uniqueness.

Long-Style Tassels Ear Studs

These are the popular long-style tassels ear studs in this year. The simpler the ear studs, the more beautiful feeling they leave for people. Pure silver of this ear studs can prevent skin from allergies.

Euler Geometric Black Earrings

The Euler geometric black earrings is a kind of simple temperament goddess earrings, and the tassels of great momentum really show different styles. Tassels are not ordinary cotton yarn, but rayon, which is very high-end.

Geometric Pearl Earrings

The Geometric pearl Earrings is the same style as Movie Star’s earring, which is also the hot of this year as well as the asymmetric pure pearl geometric earrings. The left and right sides are asymmetrical, and one is longer while the other is shorter. It looks very beautiful.

The above are some hot styles of this year, which is both beautiful and elegant. Do you believe that your girlfriend will be more than happy after knowing that you have bought one of the above ear studs for them?