Trendy Pearl Earrings to Wear Now

Pure silver pearl earrings are not allergic to ears. They are both beautiful and helpful in decoration. Pearl earrings, which never go out of fashion, decorate your face and make you look more feminine.

AiryAi Artistic Stud Jacket Earrings with Black Pearls

Two perfect black pearls stuck steadily on the gold plated stainless steel bar, no worries of falling down. The proper size of the pearl also helped with shaping your ears. Makes you look more gorgeous.

Natural Female Shell Pearl Earrings

A special eye-catching ear studs. With different state, different form, it is very easy to attract other people’s eyes. Beautiful embellishment of lightning stars makes the ear stud more than vigorous.

Nanyang Golden Pearl Natural Female Pearl Earrings

When mysterious lace meets delicate eardrops, it emits a strong feminine flavor as well as the effect of facial modification. Swaying with willowy motions in a walk is quite enchanting.

Da Xi Di Black Female Shell Pearl Earrings

Only pure silver pearl earrings are not allergic to ears. Pearl earrings are both beautiful and useful. Pearl earrings are of high grade. The Classic Pearl Earrings embedded in petals are not easily out of date.

Natural Freshwater Pearl Earrings and Ear Studs

Relatively small pearls are collocated with irregular silver stars to make up fashionable eardrops. For the long ear lines decorating the face, which is very suitable for elegant you.

Fresh, charming, noble and elegant pearl earrings are not easily out of date. Come and pick one set of pearl earrings for your 2019 wearing.

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