Two Types of Earrings Make You Charming

Among the jewelry, the wearing of earrings is the closest part to the face, which is the most suitable accessory to create a difference in shape. Small, ear studs are fresh in temperament, while pendant and spliced materials are the styles that are occasionally elegant and shows a sense of existence.

Refer to the following recommended styles, find out the earrings suitable for you according to your clothing personality.

Ear Studs

This pair of ear studs is a round shape. Seeing it carefully, you could find an eye-shaped white gem, green dor gem and light yellow square gem inserted in the middle. There are also diamonds inlaid at the round edge. The meticulous workmanship makes the earrings quite unique and also full of classical flavor. Whether it is collocated with dresses or retro dressing, it’s a perfect match.



This pair of pyramid earring studs is very popular recently. It is 3D framed design with external brass and 39 capri-blue cubic zirconia inserted in the frame surface. The color blue matching with yellow makes the whole earrings eye-catching while presenting a unique design.

Linear Drop Earrings

If you feel that pendant earrings are something difficult for you to wear, you could start with the earrings with a simple design. This pair of earrings decorates the cheek lines with simple metal arcs, and the pearls with a sense of cleanliness hang down at the end and show the elegant impression of adults. It is quite suitable for both casual dressing or formal occasions.


This pair of drop earrings is designed with metal and bicolor items, showing the unique three-dimensional shape. It is a jewelry accessory that can make an impression when you want to add highlights to your dressing style or match more gorgeous clothes.

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