Figure out Your Face Shape before Putting on Earrings

There was a famous vote, “If you could wear only one piece of jewelry, what would it be?” Women from all over the world voted on social networking sites and it showed that earrings are the winners. A woman who took part in the survey said that without earrings, you feel naked. There is a saying, girls who wear suitable earrings, would not have a bad taste in the dressing. Whether a lady is fashionable or not, you could tell by his earrings wearing.

However, not all earrings are suitable to wear. Some girls follow the trend to buy some earrings but it turns to very strange on their face. It shows that this pair of earrings is not suitable for you.

So how to choose the right earrings that suit yourself? Let’s start by recognizing your face shape.

Recognize Face Shape

Every girl may have a question: “How is my face shape on earth?” In order to make your face shape clear, please measure four lengths of your face with a tape measure in front of the mirror. They are:

(1) A: Vertical length from the middle of the hairline to Chin

(2) B: The distance between the two eyebrow peaks. If there is no eyebrow peak, measure the distance between the protruding eyebrows

(3) C: The distance between your cheeks. It is the distance between the two most bulging points of your face when you smile.

(4) D: The length of the mandible, which is the distance from the middle point of the chin to the lower part of the ear.

And you could find your face shape according to the following criteria.



Round Face: A is approximately equal to C, B is approximately equal to D, and A and C is longer than B and D.

Square Face: A, B, C, D are equal in length.

Rectangular Face: A is the longest, B, C, D is equal in length.

Diamond Face: A > C > B > D

Triangular Face (Pear Face): D > C > B, (the length of A could be ignored)

Elliptical face: A > C, B > D


How is your face shape? Pick a tape and measure your face now.

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