Tips for Matching Earrings to Your Hairstyles

In such a cold winter day, a variety of earrings always fill our eyes. Ladies always feel like to wear earrings matching with their clothes or hairstyles. However, do you know how earrings collocate with hairstyle? Different hairstyles could match with different types of earrings perfectly. Today, we are going to bring you a simple and practical skill of collocating earring with the hairstyle.

Shoulder Length Hair

Ladies with shoulder-length hair look good with a long style tassels ear studs. Long tassels are good matching with long hair, making you beautiful and eye-catching.

Short Hair


One with short hair could choose to wear oval, diamond earrings or delicate ear studs. All these earrings are good matching with short hair, showing one’s lively, smart and capable character. However, it is not suitable to wear the earrings with the same length as the hair tips, which may affect the whole aesthetic feeling.



It is suitable to wear large white earrings, colorful earrings or drop-down earrings with hair-binding. With these earrings, it could decorate the line of the face shape, showing a soft and perfect feeling. Besides, it also creates a visual effect of the increased length of the face and reduced width of the face. Making people look elegant and generous.

Long Braided Hairstyle


Ladies with long braided hair could choose to wear a pair of long tassels with diamond earrings. It could increase your feminine feature and make you look elegant.

Asymmetric Short Hair Cut 


Ladies with asymmetric short hair could wear bold earrings such as cuffs or pearl drops. You don’t have to worry about your long hair getting tangled or short hairs covering your ears, leaving people deep impression and showing an extraordinary charming.

Earrings and hairstyles are good matchings of the face. Like hairstyles, earrings can also decorate the face so as to achieve the effect of a thin face. And it can also show your level of fashionable taste!

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