How Could A Pair of Suitable Earrings Flatter Your Face Shape?

We have analyzed face shape in the last article, while in this article, we are going to pick up the suitable earrings based on your face shape. Let’s start from the round face shape.

Round face: The width and length of the face are the same and the cheekbone is high. The contour of the face turns gently, while the facial muscles are plump. Round face shape is lack of stereoscopic sense.

  • Suitable: Linear drop earrings. This pair of earrings helps to lengthen and counteract the roundness of your face and make it look smaller.
  • Not suitable: Hoop earrings and round shape earrings. Round earrings will only make your face look bigger and rounder.

Elliptical face: Elliptical face is the most even and ideal face shape. The forehead is as wide as the cheekbone, and a little wider than the mandible. The face width is about two-thirds of the face length. This kind of face is beautiful, delicate, dignified and elegant.

  • Suitable: Suitable for most of the earrings, except the round earrings.

Square face: Forehead and chin are in similar width for the square face shape. Their face lines are hard, and they need to soften the edges of the face.

  • Suitable: Arc earrings, such as elliptical earrings, round earrings, and hoop earrings.
  • Not suitable: Square face is not suitable for large patterned earrings. In addition, triangular, pentagonal earrings with sharp edges and sharp shapes would not be a choice for the square face.

Rectangular Face: long and narrow face shape.

  • Suitable: Hoop earrings or medium-sized short suspension earrings. It is also good for round earrings and round ear studs. They will widen your face and make it look fuller.
  • Not suitable: liner drop earrings

Heart-shaped face: It is also known as the inverted triangular face, characterized by the broadest forehead, narrow jaw and sharp chin. Jawlines are particularly attractive.

  • Suitable: Chandeliers or teardrop earrings help to balance your sharp chin. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top help fill the lower part of your face and make it more balanced.
  • Not suitable: tapered and pointed bottom earrings. That will make your jaw sharper.

when faced with lots of dazzling earrings, could you get yourself a pair of suitable earrings after reading so many tips. Pick up a pair of suitable earrings to make yourself look fresh and refined.

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