How Much Do You Know About Pearl Earrings Maintenance

As a modern woman, pearl earrings are a fashion essential matching! However, pearl earrings are easy to be affected on their color by contacting with acidic substances or sweat, so the maintenance of pearl earrings is indispensable. So how do you clean Pearl earrings? Let’s have a look together.

Tips for Cleaning Pearl Earrings

1. Clean by oneself. You only need to wipe off sweat and stains left on the pearl surface with a flannel cloth or soft silica gel cloth supplied by the merchant when purchasing. If you encounter a stain that is difficult to wipe off, you can use velvet to dip in little-distilled water (pure water) to wipe the surface, and then put it back into the jewelry box after natural drying.

2. Clean in a jewelry store. If you are not confident about your “professional cleaning”, the best way to clean pearl earrings is to hand it to a professional jewelry store. You should regularly send pearl earrings jewelry to the jewelry store for cleaning.

Tips for Maintenance of Pearl Earrings

1. Do not rinse or soak with water.

2. Keep away from oil pollution and acid-base substances.

3. Wear pearl earrings after finishing the makeup, so as to avoid pearl earrings contact with hairspray, perfume, wash water and other cosmetics.

4. Avoid laundry and bathing with wearing pearl earrings.

5. Avoid wearing pearl earrings when cooking which may make the pearl earrings yellow.

6. Pearl jewelry should be stored separately because the hardness of pearls is relatively low and they are easy to wear and tear.

7. Periodic check-up: Periodic check-up for pearl earrings is also indispensable. The earrings will inevitably loosen after wearing for a long time, so it’s better for you to send them to a professional jewelry store regularly for inspection.

Pearl earrings are beautiful to wear. However, they also need cleaning and maintenance. Hope you are benefiting from this article.

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