How Could A Pair of Suitable Earrings Flatter Your Face Shape?

We have analyzed face shape in the last article, while in this article, we are going to pick up the suitable earrings based on your face shape. Let’s start from the round face shape.

Round face: The width and length of the face are the same and the cheekbone is high. The contour of the face turns gently, while the facial muscles are plump. Round face shape is lack of stereoscopic sense.

  • Suitable: Linear drop earrings. This pair of earrings helps to lengthen and counteract the roundness of your face and make it look smaller.
  • Not suitable: Hoop earrings and round shape earrings. Round earrings will only make your face look bigger and rounder.

Elliptical face: Elliptical face is the most even and ideal face shape. The forehead is as wide as the cheekbone, and a little wider than the mandible. The face width is about two-thirds of the face length. This kind of face is beautiful, delicate, dignified and elegant.

  • Suitable: Suitable for most of the earrings, except the round earrings.

Square face: Forehead and chin are in similar width for the square face shape. Their face lines are hard, and they need to soften the edges of the face.

  • Suitable: Arc earrings, such as elliptical earrings, round earrings, and hoop earrings.
  • Not suitable: Square face is not suitable for large patterned earrings. In addition, triangular, pentagonal earrings with sharp edges and sharp shapes would not be a choice for the square face.

Rectangular Face: long and narrow face shape.

  • Suitable: Hoop earrings or medium-sized short suspension earrings. It is also good for round earrings and round ear studs. They will widen your face and make it look fuller.
  • Not suitable: liner drop earrings

Heart-shaped face: It is also known as the inverted triangular face, characterized by the broadest forehead, narrow jaw and sharp chin. Jawlines are particularly attractive.

  • Suitable: Chandeliers or teardrop earrings help to balance your sharp chin. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top help fill the lower part of your face and make it more balanced.
  • Not suitable: tapered and pointed bottom earrings. That will make your jaw sharper.

when faced with lots of dazzling earrings, could you get yourself a pair of suitable earrings after reading so many tips. Pick up a pair of suitable earrings to make yourself look fresh and refined.

Figure out Your Face Shape before Putting on Earrings

There was a famous vote, “If you could wear only one piece of jewelry, what would it be?” Women from all over the world voted on social networking sites and it showed that earrings are the winners. A woman who took part in the survey said that without earrings, you feel naked. There is a saying, girls who wear suitable earrings, would not have a bad taste in the dressing. Whether a lady is fashionable or not, you could tell by his earrings wearing.

However, not all earrings are suitable to wear. Some girls follow the trend to buy some earrings but it turns to very strange on their face. It shows that this pair of earrings is not suitable for you.

So how to choose the right earrings that suit yourself? Let’s start by recognizing your face shape.

Recognize Face Shape

Every girl may have a question: “How is my face shape on earth?” In order to make your face shape clear, please measure four lengths of your face with a tape measure in front of the mirror. They are:

(1) A: Vertical length from the middle of the hairline to Chin

(2) B: The distance between the two eyebrow peaks. If there is no eyebrow peak, measure the distance between the protruding eyebrows

(3) C: The distance between your cheeks. It is the distance between the two most bulging points of your face when you smile.

(4) D: The length of the mandible, which is the distance from the middle point of the chin to the lower part of the ear.

And you could find your face shape according to the following criteria.



Round Face: A is approximately equal to C, B is approximately equal to D, and A and C is longer than B and D.

Square Face: A, B, C, D are equal in length.

Rectangular Face: A is the longest, B, C, D is equal in length.

Diamond Face: A > C > B > D

Triangular Face (Pear Face): D > C > B, (the length of A could be ignored)

Elliptical face: A > C, B > D


How is your face shape? Pick a tape and measure your face now.

Two Types of Earrings Make You Charming

Among the jewelry, the wearing of earrings is the closest part to the face, which is the most suitable accessory to create a difference in shape. Small, ear studs are fresh in temperament, while pendant and spliced materials are the styles that are occasionally elegant and shows a sense of existence.

Refer to the following recommended styles, find out the earrings suitable for you according to your clothing personality.

Ear Studs

This pair of ear studs is a round shape. Seeing it carefully, you could find an eye-shaped white gem, green dor gem and light yellow square gem inserted in the middle. There are also diamonds inlaid at the round edge. The meticulous workmanship makes the earrings quite unique and also full of classical flavor. Whether it is collocated with dresses or retro dressing, it’s a perfect match.



This pair of pyramid earring studs is very popular recently. It is 3D framed design with external brass and 39 capri-blue cubic zirconia inserted in the frame surface. The color blue matching with yellow makes the whole earrings eye-catching while presenting a unique design.

Linear Drop Earrings

If you feel that pendant earrings are something difficult for you to wear, you could start with the earrings with a simple design. This pair of earrings decorates the cheek lines with simple metal arcs, and the pearls with a sense of cleanliness hang down at the end and show the elegant impression of adults. It is quite suitable for both casual dressing or formal occasions.


This pair of drop earrings is designed with metal and bicolor items, showing the unique three-dimensional shape. It is a jewelry accessory that can make an impression when you want to add highlights to your dressing style or match more gorgeous clothes.

Tips for Matching Earrings to Your Hairstyles

In such a cold winter day, a variety of earrings always fill our eyes. Ladies always feel like to wear earrings matching with their clothes or hairstyles. However, do you know how earrings collocate with hairstyle? Different hairstyles could match with different types of earrings perfectly. Today, we are going to bring you a simple and practical skill of collocating earring with the hairstyle.

Shoulder Length Hair

Ladies with shoulder-length hair look good with a long style tassels ear studs. Long tassels are good matching with long hair, making you beautiful and eye-catching.

Short Hair


One with short hair could choose to wear oval, diamond earrings or delicate ear studs. All these earrings are good matching with short hair, showing one’s lively, smart and capable character. However, it is not suitable to wear the earrings with the same length as the hair tips, which may affect the whole aesthetic feeling.



It is suitable to wear large white earrings, colorful earrings or drop-down earrings with hair-binding. With these earrings, it could decorate the line of the face shape, showing a soft and perfect feeling. Besides, it also creates a visual effect of the increased length of the face and reduced width of the face. Making people look elegant and generous.

Long Braided Hairstyle


Ladies with long braided hair could choose to wear a pair of long tassels with diamond earrings. It could increase your feminine feature and make you look elegant.

Asymmetric Short Hair Cut 


Ladies with asymmetric short hair could wear bold earrings such as cuffs or pearl drops. You don’t have to worry about your long hair getting tangled or short hairs covering your ears, leaving people deep impression and showing an extraordinary charming.

Earrings and hairstyles are good matchings of the face. Like hairstyles, earrings can also decorate the face so as to achieve the effect of a thin face. And it can also show your level of fashionable taste!

Earrings of 12 Constellations, Which One Do You Prefer Most?

Airyai earrings

Aries, it seems puzzled and no answers for something, but they will come up with solutions at critical moments.

Airyai love earrings

Taurus’ personal popularity and the image will both be improved.


A single Gemini has a good chance of falling in love and will have better luck on weekends.


Cancer is prone to encounter some trivial and tangled problems, which need to be dealt with constantly.

Leo, no matter what kind of relationship that it is dealing with, it’s important to consider others’ feelings.

Virgo’s mood may gradually be different from before, and they are able to take a clear thought about things around them.

Libra should pay more attention to their work efficiency. Some problems may slow down their process.

Scorpio may get to know some valuable people who are helpful to their work and future.

Sagittarius will encounter minor problems. Don’t be discouraged. You’ve done a good job.

Capricorn wants to break through the ego which brings great pressure to himself. Just take it easy.

A single Aquarius has the chances to meet their destiny on different occasions, but he may also have bad relationship.

Pisces need to dress themselves up beautifully and wait for the coming of good luck.

By Wearing It, You could Decorate Your Face Shape

Hoop Earrings, also known as hoop-like earrings or ring earrings, is one of the ancient jewelry, which originated from the Sumerian culture at the very beginning.

In the major music festivals that highlight personality, it is also common to see fashionable people wear Hoop earrings on the street, collocating with a variety of retro accessories, hairstyles, and makeup. Thus they do become a focus in the whole music festival.

As fashionable earrings, hoop earrings have been always popular with the majority of the ladies. And below we are going to show different types of hoop earrings.

Type 1: Oversize Large Earrings

The popularity of hoop earrings is partly because they have been found to be an excellent tool for facial decoration. Girls with sharp chops and square faces will look more rounded on their face lines by wearing large round earrings.

Type 2: Precise Small Rings

Small earrings are relatively less effective in modifying face shape, so precise hoop earrings are more suitable for girls with a small face.

Type 3: Special Patterns and Modeling

Of course, even though the classic Hoop earrings are already very matching with clothes, designers with wild fantasy in brains are still playing so much on this basis. And they create hoop earrings with special patterns and modeling to diversify dress up

Bamboo Joint Earrings

Updated Simple Design Earrings

Half-open Earrings

Internal Earrings

As popular earrings, hoop earrings can make your temperament more prominent with your outfits. It could make you more feminine or make your neutral style even cooler.

These Earrings Are Good with Clothes

It is common knowledge that earrings are good matching for clothes. However, there is no need to wear complicated ear studs always. Sometime, choosing the simple earrings could bring you a fashion and eye-catching style.

Below are some simple but fashionable earrings for you.

Red Garnet Earrings

Glittering and transparent red garnet earrings with wine-red luster, help to make one’s skin white. Red garnet shows different color and luster under different lights, but they are quite beautiful.

Gold Pyramid Earring Studs

This hollow pyramid inserted with 39 clear and shiny cubic zirconia around the pyramid on three surfaces, keeps you shiny and gorgeous from all the side. And its geometric design shows its uniqueness.

Long-Style Tassels Ear Studs

These are the popular long-style tassels ear studs in this year. The simpler the ear studs, the more beautiful feeling they leave for people. Pure silver of this ear studs can prevent skin from allergies.

Euler Geometric Black Earrings

The Euler geometric black earrings is a kind of simple temperament goddess earrings, and the tassels of great momentum really show different styles. Tassels are not ordinary cotton yarn, but rayon, which is very high-end.

Geometric Pearl Earrings

The Geometric pearl Earrings is the same style as Movie Star’s earring, which is also the hot of this year as well as the asymmetric pure pearl geometric earrings. The left and right sides are asymmetrical, and one is longer while the other is shorter. It looks very beautiful.

The above are some hot styles of this year, which is both beautiful and elegant. Do you believe that your girlfriend will be more than happy after knowing that you have bought one of the above ear studs for them?

How to Choose Earrings Based on Your Face Shapes

As for women, it is far more than paying attention to skin care, dressing and collocation these basic lessons if they want to become more beautiful and confident. They also need to focus on the details of the ornaments, especially accessory. And among many accessories, the existence of ear ornaments cannot be underestimated. For that, it not only could be a decoration of the shape, strengthens the overall style, but also skillfully modify the face.

So next let’s see what kind of earrings are suitable for different facial shapes!

1. Round face
The girls with round face always give people a lovely and sweet feeling in reality, but sometimes it also gives people a feeling of fat. In order to break this visual sense, we need to use earrings to disperse the rounded lines of the face. We can consider choosing the styles like a straight line and sharp line but avoids choosing round eardrops.

Simple black tassel flower earring is the perfect integration between tassel and flower elements. Wearing in the ear and swaying gently, which can not only better modify the face curve and make the overall image more full, but also make us more fashionable when wear it and lengthen the round outline of the face.

2. Square face
It looks too manly for girls with a square face and it is easy to give people a sense of masculinity, so a pair of suitable earrings for them can not only neutralize the face outline, the most important thing is to set off the gentle temperament, increase the femininity. And the simplest way is to choose the earrings with gentle lines.

A European and American earrings with pearl inlaid design. The earrings are decorated with Austrian crystal. The Earrings show a thin long ear line tassels, which can easily decorate the jaw contour as well as decorate the face, and show the sweet temperament of a female.

3. Long face
It is right opposite between the girls with a long face and the girls with a round face, and the former looks more mature and older. So when choosing earrings, try to avoid choosing a straight-line style. Simple ear studs or earrings no longer than chin length, or the earrings with strong presence are all suitable for the girls with a long face.

For this pyramid earring studs, it not only shows three-dimensional aesthetic, adds a lot of romantic temperament for you, but also add exquisite annotations for fashionable models, showing the girl’s bright and beautiful.

The earrings are made of brass and zirconia. The delicate three-dimensional geometric shape makes the earrings more toned, elegant and noble. The glaze dropping process is bright and beautiful, and it can also show the female personality tone.

According to your own face shape, choose a pair of earrings suitable for your own, which can show a small face and gentle temperament. And this is the smartest way for fashionable elite girls.

How Much Do You Know About Pearl Earrings Maintenance

As a modern woman, pearl earrings are a fashion essential matching! However, pearl earrings are easy to be affected on their color by contacting with acidic substances or sweat, so the maintenance of pearl earrings is indispensable. So how do you clean Pearl earrings? Let’s have a look together.

Tips for Cleaning Pearl Earrings

1. Clean by oneself. You only need to wipe off sweat and stains left on the pearl surface with a flannel cloth or soft silica gel cloth supplied by the merchant when purchasing. If you encounter a stain that is difficult to wipe off, you can use velvet to dip in little-distilled water (pure water) to wipe the surface, and then put it back into the jewelry box after natural drying.

2. Clean in a jewelry store. If you are not confident about your “professional cleaning”, the best way to clean pearl earrings is to hand it to a professional jewelry store. You should regularly send pearl earrings jewelry to the jewelry store for cleaning.

Tips for Maintenance of Pearl Earrings

1. Do not rinse or soak with water.

2. Keep away from oil pollution and acid-base substances.

3. Wear pearl earrings after finishing the makeup, so as to avoid pearl earrings contact with hairspray, perfume, wash water and other cosmetics.

4. Avoid laundry and bathing with wearing pearl earrings.

5. Avoid wearing pearl earrings when cooking which may make the pearl earrings yellow.

6. Pearl jewelry should be stored separately because the hardness of pearls is relatively low and they are easy to wear and tear.

7. Periodic check-up: Periodic check-up for pearl earrings is also indispensable. The earrings will inevitably loosen after wearing for a long time, so it’s better for you to send them to a professional jewelry store regularly for inspection.

Pearl earrings are beautiful to wear. However, they also need cleaning and maintenance. Hope you are benefiting from this article.

Trendy Pearl Earrings to Wear Now

Pure silver pearl earrings are not allergic to ears. They are both beautiful and helpful in decoration. Pearl earrings, which never go out of fashion, decorate your face and make you look more feminine.

AiryAi Artistic Stud Jacket Earrings with Black Pearls

Two perfect black pearls stuck steadily on the gold plated stainless steel bar, no worries of falling down. The proper size of the pearl also helped with shaping your ears. Makes you look more gorgeous.

Natural Female Shell Pearl Earrings

A special eye-catching ear studs. With different state, different form, it is very easy to attract other people’s eyes. Beautiful embellishment of lightning stars makes the ear stud more than vigorous.

Nanyang Golden Pearl Natural Female Pearl Earrings

When mysterious lace meets delicate eardrops, it emits a strong feminine flavor as well as the effect of facial modification. Swaying with willowy motions in a walk is quite enchanting.

Da Xi Di Black Female Shell Pearl Earrings

Only pure silver pearl earrings are not allergic to ears. Pearl earrings are both beautiful and useful. Pearl earrings are of high grade. The Classic Pearl Earrings embedded in petals are not easily out of date.

Natural Freshwater Pearl Earrings and Ear Studs

Relatively small pearls are collocated with irregular silver stars to make up fashionable eardrops. For the long ear lines decorating the face, which is very suitable for elegant you.

Fresh, charming, noble and elegant pearl earrings are not easily out of date. Come and pick one set of pearl earrings for your 2019 wearing.