How to Choose Earrings Based on Your Face Shapes

As for women, it is far more than paying attention to skin care, dressing and collocation these basic lessons if they want to become more beautiful and confident. They also need to focus on the details of the ornaments, especially accessory. And among many accessories, the existence of ear ornaments cannot be underestimated. For that, it not only could be a decoration of the shape, strengthens the overall style, but also skillfully modify the face.

So next let’s see what kind of earrings are suitable for different facial shapes!

1. Round face
The girls with round face always give people a lovely and sweet feeling in reality, but sometimes it also gives people a feeling of fat. In order to break this visual sense, we need to use earrings to disperse the rounded lines of the face. We can consider choosing the styles like a straight line and sharp line but avoids choosing round eardrops.

Simple black tassel flower earring is the perfect integration between tassel and flower elements. Wearing in the ear and swaying gently, which can not only better modify the face curve and make the overall image more full, but also make us more fashionable when wear it and lengthen the round outline of the face.

2. Square face
It looks too manly for girls with a square face and it is easy to give people a sense of masculinity, so a pair of suitable earrings for them can not only neutralize the face outline, the most important thing is to set off the gentle temperament, increase the femininity. And the simplest way is to choose the earrings with gentle lines.

A European and American earrings with pearl inlaid design. The earrings are decorated with Austrian crystal. The Earrings show a thin long ear line tassels, which can easily decorate the jaw contour as well as decorate the face, and show the sweet temperament of a female.

3. Long face
It is right opposite between the girls with a long face and the girls with a round face, and the former looks more mature and older. So when choosing earrings, try to avoid choosing a straight-line style. Simple ear studs or earrings no longer than chin length, or the earrings with strong presence are all suitable for the girls with a long face.

For this pyramid earring studs, it not only shows three-dimensional aesthetic, adds a lot of romantic temperament for you, but also add exquisite annotations for fashionable models, showing the girl’s bright and beautiful.

The earrings are made of brass and zirconia. The delicate three-dimensional geometric shape makes the earrings more toned, elegant and noble. The glaze dropping process is bright and beautiful, and it can also show the female personality tone.

According to your own face shape, choose a pair of earrings suitable for your own, which can show a small face and gentle temperament. And this is the smartest way for fashionable elite girls.

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