By Wearing It, You could Decorate Your Face Shape

Hoop Earrings, also known as hoop-like earrings or ring earrings, is one of the ancient jewelry, which originated from the Sumerian culture at the very beginning.

In the major music festivals that highlight personality, it is also common to see fashionable people wear Hoop earrings on the street, collocating with a variety of retro accessories, hairstyles, and makeup. Thus they do become a focus in the whole music festival.

As fashionable earrings, hoop earrings have been always popular with the majority of the ladies. And below we are going to show different types of hoop earrings.

Type 1: Oversize Large Earrings

The popularity of hoop earrings is partly because they have been found to be an excellent tool for facial decoration. Girls with sharp chops and square faces will look more rounded on their face lines by wearing large round earrings.

Type 2: Precise Small Rings

Small earrings are relatively less effective in modifying face shape, so precise hoop earrings are more suitable for girls with a small face.

Type 3: Special Patterns and Modeling

Of course, even though the classic Hoop earrings are already very matching with clothes, designers with wild fantasy in brains are still playing so much on this basis. And they create hoop earrings with special patterns and modeling to diversify dress up

Bamboo Joint Earrings

Updated Simple Design Earrings

Half-open Earrings

Internal Earrings

As popular earrings, hoop earrings can make your temperament more prominent with your outfits. It could make you more feminine or make your neutral style even cooler.

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