“Earrings Recommend”: If you feel clothes too expensive, then renewal the Earrings a lot

Good species grass camp

I have collected a lot of par and unique earrings. It is necessary to be attractive and charming for girls.

1.Drop Fenta

About $20

Frigidity style is quite suitable for hot summer.

The style fits in well anyone and is in super parity.

Drop Fenta




With a purely silver quality, it is really a good news for those like me who is prone to allergies.

The style is simple and elegant, which is also tactful to office workers.

Drop Fenta


3.Missdiva flagship store

About $40

With a style of unique and no exaggeration, there will be a sense of hierarchy collocated with simple clothes.

4.To Kill a Mockingbird


It looks the beautiful fairy yourself to collocate such a style full of fairy sense with a mini skirt.

To Kill a Mockingbird




A style suitable for students ~ there are many good-looking Choker in the shop, your dearest who likes it can come and have a look.


6.Ancient eel


I love it so much for these exaggerated and simple styles in summer.

To be the coolest fairy in the crowd.

 Ancient eel

7.AiryAi Pearl


Airyai Pearl

8.Salmon Shop


It’s not very par, but it’s perfectly out of question to buy one or two pairs to wear in turn.

Super crazy for its design style, and it will become rather distinctive even to collocate with plain clothes.

Salmon Shop

9.Suan Le Earrings


It’s also a very stylish shop. Most of the styles apply the transparent spheres. It feels like the designer’s idea is so peculiar and queer that he can design such an impish style!

Suan Le Earrings


Original Article:Airyai.com


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