What color is Paris Red that can make people hardly tear themselves away from it?

Paris Red

Speaking of Paris, What comes to mind?

Paris Red

Maybe it is French elegance and romance, maybe it is European architecture with a strong sense of art and maybe it is numberless galleries, sculptures, luxuries or a delicate time of afternoon tea… Maybe the fairies’ maiden heart have been extremely joyful when thinking about that, but these are not real Paris.

Paris Red

It was long at the end of the ninth century that Paris had been the city of artistic dreams at that time. Uninhibited artists came to Paris one after another, and it was at that time when the landmark Moulin Rouge of Paris rose to fame. And in the light of the birth of the movie filled with hot love stories, Rouge became the symbol of Paris.

Changing to today, art is no longer the object only pursued by artists. Just like the fashion, accessories and make-up coming from artistic change, all of which reflect the aesthetic feeling of art. Paris Rouge has naturally become an indispensable element of fashion.

As the “top competition” fashion week in the fashion circle of Paris, the supermodels of the T-stage in the show gather to lead the trend of fashion, and the fashion bloggers outside the show also compete in the street shooting without stopping.

Paris Red

There is no reason to lack of red element in the street shooting in Paris’s fashion week.

Paris Red

Whether red is used for dressing ornament or large area using, it both will make Look become the most attractive existence.

As a matter of fact, the romance and fashion which represents Paris are not all on dressing. For them, red lips are the real sense of ritual.

Paris Red

Chanel Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze # 956

On the streets of Paris, Yurina took the Seal to appreciate the real Red in Paris, and more Yurina’s moments of searching for the red and the most attractive lip colors belonging to Paris were recorded by the Seal.

Perhaps only the red of Paris could be so touching, perhaps only Chanel can so perfectly interpret French red lips.

Paris Red

This charming cold-tuned red is from Chanel’s brand-new Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze # 956. The rich red on the lips is presented with a soft fog texture, bringing a strong energy field and high-level feeling.

Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze is Chanel’s first water powder texture Liquid Lip glaze, matte soft fog texture highlights the temperament.

With light weight and slender tube body, it is full of modern feeling. And its villus bevel brush head is different from other lip glaze, the small stomata above can evenly cover the Lip Glaze and control the dosage. Whether you want to thin or thick coating, it can both be easily grasped.

Paris Red

When smearing Chanel’s Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze, you can feel the light and silky touch. The unique sense of powder fog makes your lips three-dimensional, hazy and full of high-level feelings.

Chanel’s Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze not only has a strong bright red, but also bright pink, rice pink, bright orange full of young girl flavor and especially the raspberry red and deep wine red which is suitable for autumn and winter. Six colors are all bright and pure .Owing to that the Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze contains exquisite high-concentrated pigment particles and unique transparent oil ingredients, it can easily create lasting attractive lip makeup!

Paris Red

Besides the Lip Glaze, Chanel’s Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lip Glaze which is very suitable for autumn and winter is also striking. For the classic black scrub collocating with white Logo tube, it is absolutely correct the very Chanel matching color.

Chanel’s Dazzling Charm Soft Fog Lipstick is made of fine and soft fog texture. It is rather smooth and moist when it is applied and has excellent chromaticity. After applying on lips, it looks very natural and full of high-level feelings.

Paris Red

Have you fairies been so excited about Paris Rouge? Click to read the original text and instantly you can have Chanel’s dazzling charm soft fog series. Just begin your exclusive red lip temptation!


Original Article:AiryAi.com





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