Want to be both fashionable and elegant when wearing hat?



The hat is absolutely a fashionable and sound tool for both keeping warm and making pose in autumn and winter! Even if you haven’t washed your hair for three days, it will not only make that defects totally invisible but also give you full marks in your appearance by wearing a hat. But it’s far from enough to just choose a fashionable and beautiful hat. It’s an advanced way of the game to know how to match your hairstyle with hat and maximize your fashion value.

Degree of difficulty Zero Stars: Hat + Long Hair

The easiest way to wear a hat is probably to put it casually on the top of your head. For this way, you must pay attention to setting the hair behind your ears and exposing your ears, so that your image will be very cool. However, owing to the shortage of skills, it may not decorate the face well, so there is relatively a high requirement for one’s beauty degree.

If you are lazy and still want to decorate the face, then you can complete the modeling with earrings. Choose an earring that suits your face, and it doesn’t matter to choose an exaggerating one. Thus it can make your overall modeling more amazing.


When a collocate hat with curly hair, you can first comb your hair into a partial style and show the better side of your face. Likewise, do not press the eaves too low, or the fluffy curls under the ears will show that your face is too big.

Degree of difficulty One Star: Hat + Low Ponytail


Long hair will give people a feeling of laziness. If you want to show an energetic image, then you can try the collocation of low horsetail + Hat. And it is particularly appropriate to collocate windbreaker or overcoat in autumn and winter.


There is no special skill when you tie a ponytail. Just tie a low ponytail. You can arrange your hair a little more fluffy so you will look natural and casual when you wear a hat.


It is also recommended to pull out a wisp of dragon beard bangs on both sides of the ear before wearing a hat and perm out the natural radian with a curling stick. Thus it can not only decorate the face but also make people look no dull.

Degree of difficulty Two Stars: Hat + Braided hair


The easiest and quickest way to play your hairstyle with new tricks when wearing a hat is to tie braided hair. A single braid is suitable for wide brim cap. If it is the wool cap or beret cap, you can try double braid.


If you want to make the hairstyle look good, you still need some little skills. Otherwise, your hairstyle may look rustic. Don’t comb it too tightly when making a braid, and it will look nifty to comb a little loose and fluffy braid. It will be better if there are bangs, which can both decorate the face and make you look younger.


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