The ten Ear Studs of Artistic and Retro show your elegance very much

AiryAi Asymmetric Dangle Earrings

Retro ear studs always show a different temptation. Gorgeous or classic, it will be the most expectant and exciting accessories for girls no matter what seasons it is.

AiryAi Asymmetric Dangle Earrings

1.AiryAi Asymmetric Dangle Earrings 

An asymmetric designed earrings, one is a round disc stud with a pearl stands on big ring, the other is a hoop earring dangled with a spiral spring which has a pearl on the end

Retro wine red ear studs

2.Retro wine red ear studs

A faint trace of deep red seems to have aroused the throbbing in your heart. The deep color seems to make you look more mysterious in this season. The tone of wine red is easy to arouse people’s reverie. The retro wine red ear studs can make you become full of sense of mysteriousness in this midsummer.


3.Antique glazed ear studs

The traditional antique glazed ear studs seems to be inseparable from the girl’s sight at any time. It comes from the classic works of the last century. The light ancient style highlights the exquisite traditional skills. With meticulous figures, mottled lines, retro luxury, there seems a magnificent sense of nobility while wearing the antique glazed ear studs on the ear.


4.Ceramic ear studs

Ceramics, as a special element of ear studs, can always surprise us inadvertently. With square appearance, its corners are especially so smooth. Dark green is a favorite color of retro style. With both charming and mysterious dark green, as if it comes from ancient forests, brings us ancient footsteps.


5.Shell debris ear studs

It is often more noticeable to add the debris elements. Shells from the sea will arouse girls’ yearning for the azure ocean. With the deep blue ocean in front of us, how couldn’t we generate beautiful fantasy in mind? The adding of debris shows a strong atmosphere of Retro Ocean.

Moon and Star ear studs

6.Moon and Star ear studs

The mutual reflection of stars and the moon may be the best feeling on a clear and windy night. The loveliness of stars and the brilliance of the moon shine charming light under the lamp. The mystery of the moon is worth exploring, while the light of stars is also worth pursuing.

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