How to Wear and Match a Plaid Scarf in Winter?

Every winter we can absolutely see the traces of plaid scarves, thus we can understand the invincible status of plaid scarves as seasonal patterns. Because of the lasting popularity, the plaid scarf has become a fairly well-controlled decoration. And it is also a kind of scarf style that can be easily used regardless of the style of dressing.

It is the most common way of tying around necks or using it as a shawl or a cloak, plaid scarves can bring many changes to the making-pose in winter by using different wearing methods. Through making good use of plaid lines and multiple collocations, scarves can not only achieve the effect of cold resistance but also add rich layers for clothing.

Are the below ways of dressing you’ve tried?

Although the collocation of long overcoats brings people full of momentum, it always feels that there is something missing for the clothing. Every now and then, we choose plaid scarves to enrich the shaping color and soften the facial lines, so as to create a lively impression in elegant temperament.

If the people who prefer to wear simple clothes often accidentally wear in all-black in winter? The frankness and simplicity of dressing show a full personality, and if you can use a plaid scarf different from the basic colors to make a sense of focus, your whole impression will be more memorable.

In the warm days of winter, it is a little stifling to wear a coat, but it seems a little cold to go out with only one coat. At this point, the scarf is the time to come in handy. Wearing a shawl and choosing a color system similar to other items of clothing can show relaxed and fashionable everyday clothes.

Apart from wearing them on the body, Japanese girls often hold the plaid scarves in their hands as part of their dressing collocation. Making use of a hand-held way to cleverly enhance the sense of modeling, it increases another way of scarf wearing owing to the casual ingenuity.

It is quite suitable for using a plaid scarf to increase the overall level when you wear a long-style dress with single color. When you enter the room or want to change the sense of dress, it can also make the scarf integrated into the dressing collocation by holding the scarf in your hand, so as to create a simple and unique impression of dressing.

As a common decoration and cold-resistance clothing, a plaid scarf is supposed to be one of the items in your closet.

Before Choosing the Earrings, Starting with the Style

As common matching accessories, earrings not only could modify your face but also help to create different styles. Before choosing the one suiting you best, it is suggested to first understand the different types of earrings.

Stud Earrings
Ear studs are the most basic earrings. It gets the mini size with simple style, and its size does not exceed the range of the earlobe generally. Because of its compact size, it is not picky for wearing.

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Hollow pyramid finely carved pyramid shape with several shiny stones, catching everyone’s eyes with the bright golden coat print.

Hoop Earrings
Hoop earrings are also known as the circle earrings. It is one of the oldest jewelry which is originated from the Sumerian culture. Although its shape is simple, there are still amount of kinds of round earrings. The wearing effect is totally different from the thickness of the ring to its size. Nowadays, the bigger the ring, the more fashionable it is. However, it is still recommended to choose the most suitable one for yourself.


Hoop earrings are so popular because they can perfectly match all face types.

Chandelier Earrings
As its name implies, chandelier earrings are the earrings shaped like chandeliers with branches. These earrings are usually larger and longer. Even for the simplest patterns, they still look more complicated than other earrings.


These earrings can carry different types of gems, and can display the charm of gems to the utmost extent, and will not be messy, but have a retro and gorgeous beauty.

Ear Cuffs
When people are not satisfied to wear the ear studs simply, they began to consider how to dress up the entire auricle. Then come the ear cuffs. They come with different patterns. One is a simple metal ring clipped to the auricle while the other is designed according to the contour of the ear bone forming a beautiful decoration on the ear.


Simple ear cuffs are more routine and suitable for a variety of occasions, while large-shaped ear cuffs are more personalized.

Linear Drop Earrings
The linear drop earrings always with simple design and are rarely decorated. A little embellishment on a line is enough, but they add a strong sense of style to your outfit in everyday wear. The choice of length should be appropriate, too short may not play the role of modifying the face, too long will be too cumbersome.



Linear drop earrings help to modify your face and show a strong sense of style.

The easiest and most effective way to break the dull dress is, of course, the eye-catching earrings. Before choosing your suitable earrings, try to start with this basic style.

Romantic & Feminine Earrings for the Year 2019

Many pearl ear studs are out of date. This year the ten below styles are more popular, which are romantic and feminine in temperament. Let’s come and check one by one.

Two perfect white pearls stuck steadily on the gold plated stainless steel bar and the proper size of the pearl also helped with shaping your ears. Airyai pearl studs make you look more gorgeous.

The elegant temperament is shown within a flesh. And collocate it with a dress suitable to all styles, elegant and delicate. Moreover, collocate it with long skirts, what a feeling of a goddess!

The workmanship is very delicate, the pearl is very shiny and looks very high grade and the ear studs is silver and not easy to get allergic. And the packaging is very beautiful.

The quality is more than credible, and the format is also very popular. And the design is really quite textural, handsome, and the workmanship is particularly exquisite.

There is possible to wear clothes on the body, and the hair can be dyed and ironed possibly and so on. Every detail can be possible. So ears are indispensable for the details.

The style of pearl ear studs is divided into an external division and external matching with everything. It’s very pleasant to wearing any clothes on the street. And it will show a bitter and lovely temperament to date on the street.

This four-leaf clover is surrounded by a lot of water diamonds. It’s also very elegant to wear on your ears. Oh, it is quite full of feminine temperament.

Emotional works, water point eardrops reveal the sense of gentle texture, graceful and beautiful. And your temperament appears at once.

Whether it’s a cute and witty princess style or a cool and feminine lady style, they can hold it. Generally, it looks very beautiful.

The earrings without earholes are the same as the earrings with ear holes, which can’t be seen through the hole. And you don’t have to think about the style of earrings accessories and to wear them with multiple ear holes.

Earrings are the basic matching accessories for woman. And which pair would you choose from the above earrings?

Ear studs lovers can also try the overlapping method!

The so-called overlapping is actually making a number of ear holes. Generally speaking, overlapping will have a certain primary and secondary relationship, it is generally small earrings and small ear studs above the ear bones, which mainly used to set off the main ear studs below; therefore, when collocating, we must pay attention to the overall aesthetic feeling.

Long Ear Line + Circle Small Ear Studs

Long Ear Line + Circle Small Ear Studs

Dot Ear Studs + Ear Line

Dot Ear Studs + Ear Line

Set with diamonds ear studs + small earrings

Set with diamonds ear studs + small earrings

  Ear studs suitable for winter

   Winter is actually a very suitable season for wearing ear studs. Many people’s winter clothing and overall matching are black and gray, and their hair is often put down. Ear studs can improve the overall appearance and score.

   For example, you can try some ear studs with warm elements, such as fluffy pellets.

fluffy pellets
fluffy pellets

   In fact, whether you have the habit of wearing ear studs or not, I think every girl should have at least one pair of ear studs. Maybe you don’t wear them very often, but they are really very useful in some occasions or important parties.